What we offer

In House GP Surgeries

We can provide a trusted GP to address a wide range of minor illnesses your employees may be suffering from that can be dealt with both safely and swiftly. Our doctors can consult at times that suit the staff, for example during lunchtimes and our surgeries can be booked in as often as is required.

We can organise blood tests, prescribe medications and conduct medical examinations.

Wellness Promotion

We can deliver screening days, interactive lunchtime seminars, webinars and information leaflets to help provide health, happiness and wellbeing to your staff.

Psychological support

We can support employees struggling with their mental health and in addition screen for conditions such as depression and anxiety which could be impacting on their lives as well as their performance at work.

We can assist with stress management techniques and coping strategies in order to alleviate stress in the workplace.

Womens’ Health

We offer a comprehensive range of womens’ health services including breast examination, cervical screening (‘smear tests’), family planning services including insertion and removal of contraceptive implants in addition to the assessment and management of gynaecological conditions.

Health Checks

We can arrange regular health checks to include screening for conditions such as raised cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Crucial to the check is the discussion of the results, the recommendations and continued support we can offer to improve and maintain health goals.

Referral Management

We can help navigate through the confusing network of private and NHS hospital services to ensure the staff get to the right diagnosis and treatment.

We have excellent relationships with top specialists in their fields and can refer directly to them when necessary.