The facts speak for themselves.

  • 7
    Absent days per employee
  • 500
    Per Employee Cost (£)
  • 111000
    Per 200 employees Cost (£)

Most companies are aware of the financial drain of sickness absence, for example paying overtime and arranging temporary cover.

There are also knock-on effects, such as lowering staff morale due to covering absent staff and a decrease in productivity.

Employees perform best when they feel happy, healthy and valued. Many companies offer private health insurance to their employees to combat this. However, minor illnesses and common ailments are the most common form of absenteeism from the office. In House GP will help provide early detection of illnesses in order to reduce sickness as well as solving the problem of losing staff for up to half a day in order to see their local GP.

In summary an In House GP service will benefit all.

Benefit to staff
  • They feel cared for and appreciated by their employer.
  • They can access expert medical advice quickly and conveniently.
  • They can use the service to improve their health and lifestyle.
Company benefits:
  • Absenteeism is reduced and therefore saves the business money.
  • Employees are happy and healthy which increases productivity.
  • Increased company’s status as a good place to work, which assists in attracting the best staff and retaing the good staff they already have.