Our Approach


All of our doctors are duty bound to adhere to the General Medical Council’s code of conduct which ensures that patient information is kept in the strictest confidence. No information is divulged to the employer or any other party.

Continuity of care

So much value is rightly placed on the longstanding relationship with one’s doctor and we feel strongly that In House GP can offer this same level of trust.

Our doctors are all NHS General Practitioners who are fully registered with the General Medical Council.

The doctors have the aim of slotting into your team to provide an individualised approach to the staff’s health and most importantly bring continuity of care.

Seeing one of our doctors will not affect the relationship with the patients usual NHS GP as often we will communicate directly with the NHS GP to ensure continuity of care.

Data Protection

We only use the highest and most secure medical software to store our patient details and medical notes safely.


The In House GP consultation will take place in a suitable meeting room within the office where privacy is paramount. We bring with us all the things we need, including an examination couch and the relevant diagnostic equipment.

We are able to offer 20 minute GP consultations, which is twice the length of a standard NHS appointment. This extra time with your staff helps to properly understand their complaint and gives us time to provide the highest level of care.

Cost Effectiveness

We aim to ensure that the service provided is designed to suit the staff in the most cost effective way for the employer. There is no cost for the employee apart from where necessary, the cost of private prescriptions, blood tests and any referrals, subject to insurance.